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Edition 001

Welcome to The Stall Street Journal, your source for happenings around
the globe, regarding fitness and possibly non-fitness related topics. We’re
thrilled to embark on this adventure with you, where each week, we’ll bring
you the latest buzz on a variety of topics.

The Stall Street Journal isn’t just a catchy title; it’s a nod to the versatile
locations where we imagine you’ll be reading our articles. Whether we’re
catching you during your morning routine or seeking motivation during a
well-deserved break at work, The Stall Street Journal is here to accompany
you wherever life takes you – ESPECIALLY if it’s in the stall! We believe good
reads should happen anywhere, and we’re excited to be your trusty
companion in every reading nook, cranny, or comfortable seat with a door.

We will also seek to be a reliable source of some weekly motivation for you.
Embarking on a fitness journey isn’t just about physical strength; it’s also
about mental resilience. That’s why, every week, we’ll serve up a generous
helping of motivation. Whether it’s conquering your first pull-up, running
that extra mile, or simply showing up at the gym – we believe in celebrating
every victory, big or small. And for those days when the journey feels
tough, we’re here to remind you why you started in the first place.

In the pursuit of fitness, there will always be naysayers- or the haters as we
like to refer to them. The Stall Street Journal is your companion against
these dark forces. We’re here to remind you that your fitness journey is
uniquely yours. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting, whether
you prefer powerlifting or yoga – we celebrate individuality. Let’s block out
the noise together and focus on the positive energy that propels us

As we kick off this journey, we invite you to join The Stall Street community.
Subscribe, engage, and share your stories with us. Together, let’s make
every edition of The Stall Street Journal a celebration of strength,
resilience, and the joy of fitness.

We will keep it interesting, keep it fun, and happy reading – wherever you

The Worldwide CrossFit Open

There has been a palpable buzz in the air of the CrossFit bubble as a
result of the 2024 CrossFit Games Open. If you participated in the
Worldwide Open this year, props to you! It was an exhilarating 3 weeks of
fitness and fun. All culminating to our 3rd annual Open Extravaganza. You
all deserve to celebrate your strength, resilience, and the incredible
community we’ve built together. The Open pushes boundaries, reveals
hidden strengths, and unites us in the pursuit of excellence.

If you are reading this and did not participate in the open this year, I
implore you consider it next year and join our community in our annual
celebration of fitness!

It’s a chance to set personal records, support your fellow athletes, and be
a part of something truly extraordinary. Whether you’re a seasoned
CrossFit veteran or a newcomer, the Open is for you. Embrace the
camaraderie, conquer new heights, and let’s show the world what CrossFit
Happy Streets is made of.

Mindset Momentum – Igniting Your Inner Fire

As mentioned earlier, the Stall Street Journal will seek to provide the
community with some weekly motivation. As the chilly winds of winter swirl
around and hopefully behind us! Maintaining the same level of
enthusiasm for our fitness journey can be a formidable challenge. But with
spring literally right around the cornfield, finding the motivation to
conquer your workouts should be on the up and up! During the dreary
months of winter, making it to the gym probably felt like a daunting task at
times. But fear not, because in the realm of mindset, we believe in turning
challenges into opportunities.

They say it can take just 21 days to form a habit, and what better time to
kickstart a positive change in your routine than now? Let’s keep it simple.
Commit to just showing up at the gym consistently. Rain or shine, cold or
colder – make that commitment. In those initial days, you’re not just
building the habit of working out; you’re laying the foundation for a
resilient mindset.

Remember, even on those days when the warmth of your bed, couch or
even office space seems more inviting than the cold gym floor, it’s the habit
you’ve cultivated that will push you through.

As those 21 days pass, and you find yourself consistently showing up, a
powerful transformation occurs – the habit evolves into momentum. Your
body and mind become accustomed to the routine, and suddenly, the
workouts become less of a chore and more of a celebration of your
strength. This momentum becomes the driving force behind more positive
lifestyle changes, both in and out of the gym.

In the “Mindset Momentum” section, we’re here to explore, encourage, and
ignite that inner fire. Let’s navigate the challenges together, embrace the
journey and turn these final winter weeks into a season of personal

Stay motivated, stay committed, and let the momentum carry you forward!


The Stall Street Journal


Edition 002

Mastering the 10 Pillars of Fitness: A Journey to Optimal Performance in CrossFit Welcome, as we embark on a transformative journey through the 10 pillars


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